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Daniel F. Schmitt
Retired Partner, KPMG

Director of KCG, Mr. Schmitt served as a Director of Knight from May 2012 through the closing of the Mergers. Mr. Schmitt has more than 38 years of audit experience and spent over 29 years as a partner with KPMG LLP (“KPMG”), primarily in the financial services industry, before retiring in September 2011. During his tenure at KPMG, Mr. Schmitt served as the Area Professional Practice Partner for KPMG’s Northeast Area and served on the firm’s National Professional Practice Committee and the Area Leadership Team. He most recently served as the Global Lead Audit Partner for Bank of New York Mellon. Mr. Schmitt previously was the partner in charge of Risk Management/Professional Practice for KPMG’s Western Area and served in KPMG’s New York, San Francisco and Providence/Boston Office practices during his career. He was also a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Reviewing Partner, and has served as a college relations partner and a KPMG national training instructor. Mr. Schmitt is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He received his B.S. in Accounting from Byrant University (formerly Bryant College) in 1973 and currently serves as a Trustee. Mr. Schmitt previously served as past Chairman of The Alumni Association and Member of the Accounting Department Advisory Board for Bryant University.

Mr. Schmitt’s qualifications to serve on the Board of Director include his substantial auditing and accounting background as a certified public accountant, extensive experience with, and knowledge of, the financial services industry, his strong background regarding SEC financial reporting and his prior service as lead partner to numerous large diversified financial services clients and other large SEC issuers.